Maple Pebble River Coffee Table, Live Edge


This is one of 4 pieces cut from the same local tree was salvaged when it was hit by lightning. One of the smaller pieces was crafted into an epoxy resin coffee table and sold (see our Maple and Epoxy Live Edge River Coffee Table on the Products page). This piece is the sister and is bigger and thicker than the first piece.

It has been hand-sanded and hand-finished to a butter smooth finish with non-toxic, food safe Odie’s Oil (see our Resources section for a link to this product) with live edge both sides. There is an epoxy pebble inlay with Brazilian Walnut bow ties along the seam. There is no other table like this. As you can see, there is a stunningly beautiful grain pattern that is sure to inspire appreciation and conversation.

This piece is ready to go to a good home.

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Dimensions 99 × 86 × 45.5 cm