Jerry Lemay

Jerry has been working with wood for over 50 years. It all started when, as a young boy living on a farm, he worked in his father’s woodshop building and fixing anything made out of wood. Whatever Jerry could lay his hands on, from building furniture and canoes to fixing antique furniture and musical instruments like guitars, violins, and cellos, it was clear that woodworking was in his blood.

When COVID hit and some worksites were shut down, Jerry took some of this time to put his artistic talents to work. As a carpenter by trade, Jerry started by creating a unique piece to solve a storage issue in our home. The first piece he made was a custom fit onto an already existing unit to provide a better solution for a coffee/tea station in our own kitchen. That inspired him to create more pieces, but he soon ran out of lumber​.​

After doing some research online to find wood that was sourced in a sustainable manner and not involved in deforestation​,​ Jerry located another like-minded individual (Sidney Gendron, aka Sawmill Sid) who shares his interest in sustainability and lessening the carbon footprint when creating beautiful pieces of furniture. The rest, shall we say, is history; custom carpentry and bespoke, handcrafted wood became the order of the day.

As a humanitarian at large, Jerry has been consistently active in his community for many years. He has donated his time and skills to help build a canoe for a community project for a children’s camp. He has also dedicated his time as a member of a bird club, helping to repopulate two species of Lorikeets in Australia that were going extinct due to agricultural poisoning. It doesn’t stop there! Jerry was pivotal in creating a better formula for baby birds to grow stronger naturally, then donating that formula to a company who could produce it at a reasonable cost and get it out to the bird breeding community. For Jerry, it’s about helping where it is needed. This is all in addition to being an amazing husband (now you know who wrote this!) and an awesome father to an equally awesome son. 

His passion for working with the natural beauty of wood to create bespoke, hand-crafted furniture and more, combined with his artistic nature, results in stunning, one of a kind, custom furniture. These pieces are true works of art, all while maintaining the ultimate goal of providing these pieces in a way that is affordable for everyone.