Working with natural salvaged wood

Ethically sourced, not chemically treated; handcrafted, one of a kind pieces.

With the many furniture options available to you, finding custom furniture pieces for your home can be difficult. In addition, you might be deciding whether or not to use natural or salvaged wood in your furniture.

Here our experts give you a look into why natural wood is an excellent choice for your new furniture and how reclaimed wood can be brought back to life in your home!

Pro’s of Working With Natural Wood

When you choose to buy natural, one of a kind pieces of wooden furniture, there are many advantages that you may not know of first hand, which include:

  • More heat resistant

    Natural wood has a natural cross-grain that runs through it, making it more stable and heat resistant.

  • Durable

    Natural wood is solid and durable, able to last for generations in your family. Due to its strength, it can also hold nails and screws better.

  • Water-resistant

    Natural wood performs better when exposed to water than other artificial engineered wood pieces.

  • Unique

    Natural wood is used to make unique pieces of furniture that are handcrafted and one of a kind statement pieces.

Pros of Working With Salvaged Wood

At Creative Carpentry, we love to use reclaimed natural wood as it has all the above advantages with some added benefits due to its reuse factor. Some of those advantages include:

  • Environmentally friendly

    Salvaged wood adds a sustainable element to your custom furniture piece as it contains wood from a previously recycled project, home, or barn. We love the idea of a salvaged piece of wood being up-cycled with new wood to create any entirely new piece of handcrafted furniture.

  • Multiple uses

    Salvaged wood can be used in many different projects, including flooring, tables, shelves, cabinets, as well as other artisan furniture pieces.

  • Aesthetic

    Reclaimed wood has become popular to use in custom furniture pieces due to its interesting aesthetic. Salvaged wood often has an aged and weathered look, which adds character to your home, giving it a rustic feel. The imperfections that the salvaged wood may have only adds to its uniqueness and inability to find it anywhere else.

Buy Ethically Sourced, Handcrafted Pieces

Are you looking for a new original piece of handcrafted furniture to add to your home? Here at Custom Carpentry, we only source the best in natural, sustainable woods that are not chemically treated. We love to use salvaged wood to give your furniture a more rustic feel while being environmentally friendly at the same time! Contact us today to find out more about our handcrafted, one of a kind furniture that is sure to make a statement in your home.