Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Woodworking

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Woodworking; long-lasting artisanal pieces.

Unsure where your wooden furniture comes from and who made it? Sure, flat-packed furniture is simple to order, cheap and easy enough to assemble, but what is it really costing you in the long run? Usually, these pieces come from unsustainable practices where they skimp out on quality for a better cost, causing the need to buy new furniture every few years that end up not meaning anything to you.

Buying long-lasting artisanal pieces help to tell a story; we know the wood we are using was sustainably sourced locally. We know the story behind where the wood we use came from and what environmentally friendly practices our vendors have in place before we purchase it. When you purchase one of our pieces, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have contributed to lessening the overall carbon footprint for our planet.

Here are some top sustainable practices to keep in mind when purchasing your next piece of furniture.

Buy Sustainable Wood

When choosing the wood for your next furniture piece, keep in mind that different woods are more sustainably grown and sourced. This means they come from responsibly maintained forests that keep the surrounded environment in mind and are protected from deforestation.

Often it can be difficult to know which woods are great for furniture while being environmentally friendly. This is where we can give you our expert advice. The three most popular sustainable kinds of wood used for indoor and outdoor furniture in Canada are Maple, Black Walnut, Oak, Elm, and Pine. Other sustainable woods include Yellow Cedar and Spruce and Fir.

Woods to avoid are Ebony, Burmese Teak, Brazilian Mahogany and Merbau.

Buy Pieces That Use Natural Finishing Products

During the woodworking process, there are multiple chemicals that the furniture comes in contact with, such as varnishes, glues, paints and finishes that can be toxic to the environment. Therefore, it’s important to buy pieces from a woodworker who knows the toxic nature of these chemicals and chooses to use more sustainable products. At Creative Carpentry, for example, we use Odie’s Oil as our chosen wood finishing product due to its’ natural properties.

Buy Long-Lasting Pieces

When choosing to buy a new piece of furniture, why not avoid the normal ‘fast furniture’ route that many people go down and choose to source a long-lasting artisanal piece for your home. At Creative Carpentry, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the best and sustainable wood for all our woodworking projects. We are consciously seeking new ways to be more environmentally friendly with our processes and love to bring you along the journey!

Are you looking for a new piece of furniture that tells a story and is sustainable at the same time? Give us a call today to find out more about our long-lasting artisanal pieces and woodworking craftsmanship!