Natural and safe wood finishing products

You might be unaware of it, but your wooden floors, railings and even hand-crafted furniture need to be finished on the regular. The problem with most wood finishes in the market is that they’re chemically-based, which is not something you want to be breathing in all the time.

Here at Creative Carpentry, we only use the best natural wood finishing products, such as Odie’s Oil, to keep our hand-crafted wood products lasting longer and safer for you to have in your home.

Here we look at reasons why you need to regularly stain your wood, why chemical wood finishes are in the past and a little bit about Odie’s oil, the natural wood finishing product we love!

Why Treat Your Wood?

Treating your wooden furniture with a quality wood finisher allows your furniture to last longer. It protects your furniture from moisture, spillage, wear and tear and the natural process of ageing. This will enable it to stay looking new and fresh for years, giving it that extra shine.

You could also stain second-hand wood to revamp its look, giving it a new look or matching your interior such as your wooden flooring. You could also stain second-hand wood to provide it with extra protection and revamp its look.

The Issue With Chemical Wood Finishes

Popular wood finishes are usually chemically based, meaning that while you’re finishing your wood and for days after, you are inhaling dangerous chemical fumes. Even after buying custom wooden furniture, you could come in contact with those dangerous chemicals. These chemicals can lead to headaches, skin irritation and even asthma. Therefore you should look for a finishing product that contains natural solvents like water.

Odie’s Oil

Since we are concerned with sustainable and natural hand-crafted wood, we choose to use Odie’s Oil, which contains no toxic solvents at all! It is a super-effective wood finisher that can be applied with one coat and can be used for the interior and exterior of your home. Instead of using chemical solvents, it uses natural oils and waxes to protect your hand-crafted furniture, keeping it food-safe, keeping it safeguarded against moisture and stains!

Are you looking for sustainable custom furniture? At Creative Carpentry, we have over 50 years of experience working with wood and using natural finishes that enhance the indigenous beauty of our handcrafted furniture that are pieces of art that will stand the test of time.

Give us a call today to find out more about our sustainable woodworking process!